TRAVI 28 polish for cloth mops

The TRAVI 28 polish for cloth mops is a product that adds shine to the floor and attaches dust to the cloth mop tassels when wet dusting. It is perfect for professional cleaning in schools, hotels, office buildings, casinos...

TRAVI 28 is specially formulated as the most suitable product for wet sweeping and maintenance of gloss on any type of floor (crystallized, waxed, stoneware, ceramic, parquet, etc.). It acts by fixing the dust on the fringes of the mop, without lifting it, avoiding redepositions.


  • Spray the polish for cloth mops directly on the cloth mop at a distance of 20 cm aprox. Wait a few minutes so the product is absorbed uniformly by the tassels and the rest of the fabric.
  • Use the cloth mop normally. The floor will be clean and shiny and the room filled with a pleasant smell.
Download Data Sheet
  • 0,75 L
  • 5 L
  • Spray 1000 ml

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