TRAVI 00 stone sealer

TTS 1160

The TRAVI 00 stone sealer is a waterproofing product that prepares the floor for crystallisation, enhancing shine and helping it last longer.

TRAVI 00 cleans, covers the pore, waterproofs the treated surface, crystallizes and polishes calcareous type pavements: terrazzo, marble, mosaic, polished cement and some agglomerates of granite, basalt, etc. It highlights the color of the soil with a high gloss, resists much better wear and does not slip.


  • Strip the surface with KENEX DC ALCALINO floor stripper.
  • With a clean and dry floor, pour small quantities of stone sealer on it, spreading with a machine in areas of about 2 m².
  • Work fast and move the machine in all directions.
  • If the product is absorbed quickly, add more.
  • Do not use rusted steel wool. If this causes stains, use an abrasive disc to clean.
  • Do not apply on clay or wood.
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