TRAVI CBR shine-revitaliser cleaner

TTS 1200

The TRAVI CBR shine cleaner and renewer is a self-shining, floor-cleaning emulsion that fills the color of the floor and does not slip, making it perfect for professional higiene.

This shine cleaner and renovator is very effective in the areas of greater traffic with waxed or crystallized floors, because it enlivens the color of the floors, it does not slip, it does not mark the steps and it gives an excellent gloss in pavements of all type: terrazzo, Marble, baked clay, slate, linoleum, etc.


⢠Dilute to 1 or 2% (100-200 ml per bucket of water), depending on the soil condition.
⢠Apply normally with mop. The brightness will appear on its own.
⢠For greater brightness intensity, rub the floor with a cloth or mop.
⢠Can also be polished with white disc and rotatorymachine.

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