KENEX DC ALCALINO alkaline floor stripper

TTS 1040

The KENEX DC ALCALINO alkaline floor stripper is a product that removes wax remains to obtain the best results when carrying out a floor treatment in professional hygiene.

This alkaline floor stripper completely removes all remains of previous applications of wax and polishing emulsions.

With just 1 liter of product it can be used to treat between 40-50 square meters, depending on the dirt and porosity of the pavement.


  • Use KENEX DC ALCALINO dissolved in water, in a proportion between 5-10 % depending on the level of dirt, incrustations, and floor quality.
  • Treat small areas with a scrubber-dryer or rotary machine, using a black or brown disc.
  • Rinse quickly and thoroughly with water to avoid long contact of the product and the surface.
  • It is very important to completely clean the stripper. Any residue can compromise the following polishing treatment.
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