DETIAL A-20 acidic non-foam detergent

DAL 0011

The DETIAL A-20 acidic non-foam detergent is a non-foaming product specially formulated to deeply clean and remove lime, protein deposits and rust in stainless steel equipment in the cattle and food industry.


  • Dairy industry - HTST plants, UHT, evaporators, tanks, etc. To descale lime (milk stone), the acid rinse will follow the alkaline rinse. Dilute in water at 1% and at 40-50 ºC. Recirculate for 15 minutes. Rinse with cold water until all traces of the detergent are removed (neutral pH). Repeat once or twice weekly.
  • Beer industry - CIP circuits, stainless steel containers, deposits, tanks, etc. Beer stones can be eliminated with a 1-2 % dilution. It can be increased up to 5% if necessary.
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