New Limpiador higienizante espumante DETIAL EH-270

Sanitizing foaming cleaner DETIAL EH-270

DAL 0311

The sanitizing foaming cleaner DETIAL EH-270 is a highly effective and versatile product recommended for cleaning, degreasing and sanitizing on food industry.

Formulated with hydrogen peroxide, it is suitable for cleaning in places where a high hygiene is required. Indicated for all kinds of food industry: dairy, meat, fish, canning, beverages, etc.

Specially effective on working surfaces, equipment, walls and floor cockpits particularly dirty.


  • It can be applied in cleaning, both manual and through projection of foam, at a dilution between 1 and 5%.
  • In manual cleaning, the product should be diluted in water and used in the usual way.
  • In cleaning by foam spraying, apply a layer of 1 cm thick approx., leaving it act for at least 5 minutes.
  • In both cases, afterwards rinse with plenty of water pressure if possible.


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