Foaming alkaline detergent of high concentration DETIAL B-490-P

DAL 0492

The energetic alkaline foaming detergent DETIAL B-490-P specifically formulated for cleaning surfaces and equipment with a high degree of dirt at the food industry. Endowed with an extraordinary capacity for degreasing, it is appropriate for the toughest cleaning: accumulation of fat, scorched, resin residues, proteins, etc., resulting also very effective for cleaning smoking chambers.From EUROSANEX we recommend this alkaline detergent for those applications where due to the nature of the soiling, a higher degreasing cleaning power than with our DETIAL B-300 is required.This detergent differs from DETIAL B-480-S in the formula with potash, formula that gives the product a very high cleaning power.This product is available in 20 litres containers

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