Non-foaming sanitizer LUBACIN C-50

DDD 290

LUBACIN C-50 is a non-foaming sanitizer with a base of hydrogen peroxide indicated for the treatment of surfaces, equipment and CIP circuits.

Due to its high efficacy with biofilms it is a great product for Food Hygiene in general and for CIP circuits in: beverages, dairy industry, beer industry and other liquids in the sector.

Due to its high oxidizing power, it is an excellent deodoriser with properties for the elimination of dirt, without affecting stainless steel when it is applied at the recommended dosing.Because of its easy rinse, it avoids food products to keep chemical remains and is indicated for any water hardness. 


  • Before applying you must deeply clean the surface or equipment to treat.
  • Apply afterwards through a sprayer, immersion or recirculation the product diluted in water with a concentration of 0,1 to 0,5% and contact time of 10-15 minutes.
  • It can raise the efficacy with the increase of the temperature up to 50ºC.
  • Rinse properly with drinking water the treated area before using them again.
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